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    Quick-Drying Soft Bathroom Mat [FREE SHIPPING]

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    Make Your Bathroom Floor Dry, Clean, & Safe With This Soft Carpets

    Features :

    The surface is made of coral wool, soft and comfortable, non-slip latex bottom, the inner lining is cotton, cotton is different from other bathroom mats, it is easier to clean and mold to the shape of its individual body, so it feels more comfortable and soft .

    Our cotton carpets come with a non-slip backing, which adds a certain degree of safety on hard (possibly wet) surfaces.

    Rubber backing helps prevent the carpet from slipping

    Soft touch, quality look lifts your room

    The taste is mold-resistant, non-slip-back, strong water absorption

    More comfortable, soft, flexible

    Larger, easy to clean and dry quickly

    100% Diatomaceous Earth Is Quick-Drying, Anti-Slip, & Gentle On Skin

    Prevents Mold, Bacteria, & Odors For A Cleaner Bathroom

    Unique Porous Texture Soaks-Up Moisture, Keeping Floor Dry & Safe

    Never Needs Washing + Long-Lasting = Saves You Time & Money

    Dries Quickly = Never Soggy, Smelly, or Slippery

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